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745 Pulaski Highway

Bear, Delaware 19701

About Us:


We are a church of Christian

believers saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ

Who calls us to provide an anointed praise, worship

.atmosphere, to spread the wordof God, to empower His people, to love and to serve one

another, to celebrate and to share our journey in faith.

Pastor Darryle J. Bass

                                                          THE VISION OF THE CHURCH

HABAKKUK 2:2 Challenges us to " Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that He may run that readeth it."

With the help of God Almightly, we will

* Strive to help win souls for the kingdom of God,

through an evangelical ministry.

* Provide an outreach ministry to the lost and


* Spread the word of God in local as well as

National Ministries.

* Be faithful stewards over all that God has given


* Provide an anointed ministry for our youth.

Build strong relationships with area churches.

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